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Software packaging & deployment

A second important niche market of AD IT is software packaging & deployment.

Using software package management allows to comfortably support and distribute software on a given operating system.

It entails the installation, update and the deletion of software in a packaged form.

Several tools can be used for this purpose, for instance, Install Shield or Wise for Windows Installer.

Specific adjustments to the standard package are possible as well. Different elements may be isolated, modified and implemented according to your requirements.

If the packet management detects that additional software is needed to assure a specific functionality, it will add the necessary program in the background.
A warning will be given, or the missing software will for instance be reloaded from an available repository and installed.

Our experts will take all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth silent software installation.

The scope of the software distribution provides our and your Service Delivery Team with the necessary mechanisms for optimization and follow-up of:

• Planning of the distribution
• Monitoring
• Reporting
• License management and strategy (software asset management)

Graphical overview packaging

• Junior Software Packager

The junior packager is familiar with all required steps in packaging, which are needed for quality-oriented packaging.
He has attended an in-depth training (specialization) in software packaging after having obtained an IT high school degree and knows all the required tools and steps to create a software package.
He has practical experience in this area of up to two years.
During his specialization he has participated in different projects for packaging and testing of applications.

• Intermediate Software Packager

The intermediate packager has a practical experience of three to four years.
He has a supporting role within the team and takes on a consulting and leading role when working on difficult and complex packages.
He is familiar with direct customer contact and Quality Assurance tasks.

• Senior Software Packager

The senior packager is a SME (Subject Matter Expert) in this domain.
He has gone through all steps of packaging, starting with Intake, Packaging, Testing and Quality Assurance.
He discusses strategies and approaches together with the customer and the team.
He has a minimum of five years of experience in this area.

AD IT is able to support you with seven to ten of these resources.