Alain Dahlem

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Hardware and software rollout projects

Our third niche market is the hard- and software rollout.

AD IT delivers international rollouts, from smaller up to worldwide projects, very often in a multinational and multicultural environment.

Our services entail the entire rollout process, starting with the planning of the hardware and the software rollouts to the implementation.

Our teams plan, test and install the images of the old computers onto new ones, and migrate the data in order to deliver them completely operational to the users.

Projects in different locations, across different countries (even intercontinental), or various user profiles are not an issue for AD IT.

After a rollout plan has been agreed with the client, our coordinators take over the organization. This may be done on location or in the back office.

Our onsite teams are made up of a project officer (PO), a technical team leader and a larger or smaller amount of additional rollout team members, depending on the deadline and the customer location size.
Timelines are agreed between AD IT and your IT department for the hardware exchange and the data transfer from the old to the new hardware.

Documentation, certification (signoff) and all related logistical tasks of the rollout are taken care of by our resources.