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Implementation and server administration (Windows-Unix/Linux)

The server implementation is the realization of predefined structures and workflows in a system in consideration of certain basic conditions, rules and objectives.

Following this definition we are available for our customers in a consulting as well as an implementing way.

The operating system does not play a primary role in this area.
Whether you are using Unix/Linux or Windows, our employees will guide you through the necessary steps.

When our customers call on us to install and maintain their servers, the configuration parameters for the servers will be defined first, during a pilot phase in a testing environment. 
Rigorous tests and health checks are done before the servers go live.

If a database needs to be aligned to new structures or new workflows (SQL, DB2, Oracle, MySQL), our database administrators will be at your service.

The same applies for Mail, Web, Citrix, Terminal Server, Virtualization or Application servers.


AD IT can act in a leading or in a supporting role.