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Image design and creation (client and server)

Image design is the first niche market of AD IT.

AD IT has delivered image design and creation projects for several years now and is one of the first companies providing standardized Windows 7/10 images.


In a standardized environment, the image is the key part of the standardization and a major cost reducing factor, especially as far as support and maintenance are concerned.


An image is the base installation of a workstation or server. It contains the operating system, network protocols, hardware drivers and standard software (Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Office, SAP Client, etc.).

In order to ensure an error free environment for the end-user, images are updated and maintained constantly with, for instance security patches, service packs, software upgrades & improvements, error corrections.

Together with the IT representatives of the customer we design the standard operating system installation for the machines. This is provided in a workshop manner, ending with the complete design including security, corporate identity and all other customer relevant aspects. Images can of course be set up differently for various employee teams following client specifications; different images for production, technical team, management, HR, etc.


Before the approved roll-out, stringent testing is always done first in an adapted environment in accordance with the client context to avoid bugs, compatibility discrepancies and stability issues.

Image design and creation include:

•  Image build
•  Image quality assurance
•  Image documentation