Alain Dahlem

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First line client support and administration

AD IT offers a broad user client administration support to his customers.

Depending on customer demand, our team of 67 people is available 24/7, worldwide.

The customer and end-users can contact our technicians for support by dialling our service phone numbers or through secured remote desktop connections.

We will connect to your network through a secure and encrypted tunnel connection and we can help your staff members by telephone.

If the solution cannot be found immediately, we will forward the issue to our second and third line technical support departments. These teams will find a solution within the agreed time frame and according to the conditions of the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Our support is divided in three categories: 1st Level, 2nd Level and 3rd Level, following the standard IT best practices.

The following languages are available: English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish and Swedish. Other languages will be made available on request.

Also, if requested, our employees can join your support team members at the customer location and will supply hand in hand support to your end users. Our employees will easily fit into your service environment.

The available personnel for these services are offered in the following teams and roles:

• Team Lead
• Technical Team Lead
• Third Level Agent (Senior Agent)
• Second Level Agent (Senior and Master Agent)
• First Level Agent (Master and Junior Agent)