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Business consulting

(ICT) Business consulting is an indispensable service these days.


Not just large multinationals, but also smaller and medium size companies have specific business requirements for which their ICT infrastructure can be of paramount importance.


Your company business needs are very important to us.


AD IT will always look at what is technically possible and use this to best fulfil the needs of its customers; we define Business Consulting as a bridge between the technical / ICT possibilities and the needs of your business, in order to improve your IT efficiency and help your business profitability, while delivering measurable results.


Another important impact of our Business Consulting services of course is that you will gain access to a deeper level of expertise, which can be purchased as much or as little as your company actually needs.


Our technical knowledge, in dialog with rational and economic thinking, will be able to avoid certain bottlenecks.


Also, regular work routines can be created or optimized together with your IT support.


AD IT will be able to advise you on the proper choice of software and hardware, as well as assist with their development and implementation.


All this can be achieved by new work processes or by the introduction of new software solutions, developed specifically for your company and tailored to your requirements while helping your company obtain and maintain streamlined operations.


You may find some overlapping points with our different business focal points, including our services ‘Quality Management’ and ‘Security Management’.


Please also take a look at our service ‘Application Compatibility Management’ to learn how we can manage the synergy between your business systems and software.


As with all our services, we will strive to make sure that any projects we execute for you, be it a migration, a software packaging project, imaging, a hardware or software rollout, or a server implementation, will easily integrate in your ICT environment and results in BAU (Business as Usual) processes and operations which are fully adapted to your business.